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The Complete Manual for Wet Shaving

Shaving, let’s face it, has become somewhat of a lost art in recent years. Unfortunately, shaving is now seen as little more than a necessary annoyance undertaken to look smart for the office, at the request of loved ones who do not want a facial scrub down with your untrained bush every time they come close to you, or simply to avoid exposing the world to your full caveman hair growth.

Whether you maintain it entirely clean or simply trim your beard into shape, it’s one of those chores that guys must accomplish at least a few times every week. And when you consider the inconvenient downsides of shaving, such as nicking your face or having your lover borrow your razor for herself, it’s no surprise that we’ve lost part of our passion for it.

When you consider that the average male will spend 3,000 hours of his life shaving, it becomes even more crucial that you do it correctly.

Forget about a quick scrape with an old blade minutes before you have to leave the house – I mean, it will still happen, but let’s take a somewhat more aggressive approach. We need to return to the golden age of the razor, when our forebears shaved with pride in their looks and the task at hand, almost as meditation and preparation for the day.

If so, at least look at ways to wash your face without experiencing razor burn or needing to apply toilet paper to stop sudden bleeding from an unwanted laceration.

In light of this, we have put together the best wet shave guide.

Wet shaving: what is it?

Wet shaving mainly refers to shaving with water, as you would have guessed from the name. avoiding using an electric razor, for example. You’ll also need a shaving brush, generally constructed with either boar or badger hairs, and some kind of shaving soap or cream to effectively lather your face for a conventional wet shave. A straight razor or a safety razor can be used for a typical wet shave, which uses a single bladed razor.

Traditional wet shaving may initially appear to be more expensive than using disposable razors and foams, but this isn’t always the case. There are affordable soaps and creams that may be used instead, and they can last for months or even years. Additionally, since we’re talking about your face, the expense is justified.

The Advantages of a Wet Shave

The advantages are clear to anyone with wet shaving expertise. For a much smoother and cleaner sensation, a conventional wet shave will give you the closest shave possible. Additionally, it might lessen the unpleasant side effects of shaving, such ingrown hairs. While many men mistakenly believe they have sensitive skin because they experience razor burn and other adverse effects when shaving, in reality, it’s often just a byproduct of the razor and products they’re using. Lack of sufficient lubrication, typically due to more affordable current products, is the main cause of shaving’s adverse consequences. Wet shaving can be more friendlier to the skin and lessen any side effects if you take the time to do it.

Beyond this, utilising plastic multi-blade cartridge razors can be significantly more expensive than wet shaving. Despite the initial cost of a safety razor and shaving brush, replacement blades are far less expensive for safety razors, and shaving soaps and creams last a lot longer than shaving foam or gel.

Then, on a less professional scale, there are the additional advantages of the conventional method. A shaving soap in its wooden bowl, for instance, will always look prettier on the side of the sink than an aerosol can of chemical glop.

In addition, many men who have switched from modern razors to a traditional method have discovered that the entire process is now less of a hassle and more enjoyable: shaving carefully with high-quality products that have a more opulent feel will not only produce better results but also ensure a more pleasurable experience.

In the end, you get a far nicer shave that causes less skin irritation overall and is more enjoyable than just a morning hassle.


How to Shave When It’s Wet

If you’ve never wet shaved before, there’s a lot of information to take in at once. That is why we have divided our wet shaving guides into easy-to-read pieces, which can be accessed via the blog section on the menu of the page. It is not necessary to read or follow each item; for example, if you do not feel ready to use a safety razor, you can still benefit from using a shaving brush, but we urge that you do so for the greatest results.